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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 31, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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nightly news" tomorrow night. for all of us here, good night. -- captions by vitac -- good evening on a sunday evening. i'm diane dwyer. awe i may have seen on "nightly news" just a couple of minutes ago, president obama just announced that he has reached a deal with congress on raising the debt ceiling. the compromise includes $2 trillion in long-term spending cuts in exchange for increasing the debt limit before the treasury runs out of money on tuesday. officials say speaker of the house john boehner telephoned the president just about a half hour ago to say they had all reached an agreement. here's a portion of what the president announced just about 15 minutes ago.
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>> now, this process has been c: messy. it's taken far too long. have been concerned about the: impact that it has had on and consumeridencecc1: confidence and the economy as a whole over the last month.cc1: nevertheless, ultimately the leaders of both parties have found their way toward compromise. them for that.cc1: most of all, i want to thank the american people. been your voices, your letters, your e-mails, your your phone calls that have compelled washington to act in the final days, and the merican people's voice is acc1: very powerful thing. we're not done yet. i want to urge members of both parties to do the right thing and support this deal with your votes over the next few days. it will allow us to avoid default, it will allow us to pay will1: allow us to start reducing our deficit in a responsible way and it will allow us to turn to the very important business of doing
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everything we can to create jobs, boost wages and grow this economy faster than it's currently growing. >> here is a live look at congress right now and the capitol building in washington, d.c. here's the key, though. as the president just mentioned: it is not official just yet. congress still has to vote and approve the compromised deal. no votes are expected in either house until tomorrow. that's to give members a chance to review the deal before they vote. but again, the president and republican and democratic leaders announced they have agreed to a deal to raise the debt ceiling. more on this 1: agreement as soon as we get it. first, to get a little perspective on what this means, with us is nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston by phone. thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> larry, there's still a major hurdle before we can say this is a done deal with the house and the senate. >> that's right. i mean it's a done deal as far as the leadership goes, but we know already from what we've seen that rank and file do not
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necessarily follow the leadership. the place you really want to watch over the next 24 hours is the house of representatives. clearly liberals are very disenchanted with this, but even more than that, the republican party is in disarray. the tea party element versus the rest of the republicans leave that party very fractured. speaker boehner is hanging on to his speakership literally by a thread as he attempts to get enough members of his own party to go along with the deal. that's probably the most delicate deal yet to do before this thing is done. >> all right. so speaking of that, let's go to the democrats first. what did the democrats get with this compromise? what did they accomplish? >> well, the democrats, of course, have to think about things like saving social security, saving medicare and other very critical elements to the democratic party. at a trillion dollars initially, they'll probably save that kind of thing. what they did not get is any
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increase in revenues.cc1: this is something the president has been harping on for some time. the other thing it looks like the democrats may get is a deal strong enough to go past 2012 to 2013. that was important to the president. say what they didn't get, the democrats, is the revenue portion of this, of course. how about the republicans, what did they get with this compromise? >> the republicans don't have enough cuts as far as they're concerned. they wanted deep cuts, particularly in entitlement programs. so far it looks like those cuts will not be deep enough. they also want to do it now rather than wait for a commission, because you never know what's going to happen wit: a commission. now, what the republicans did not get was a short-term deal, which is what they were hopinging for, so they could wiggle with this thing later on. get is, is anyotcc1: assurances that the idea of raising revenues down the road will not come up again. so this is the kind of thing where everyone has saved face for the time being after an awful lot of haggling.
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but in the meantime they have done exactly what they promised the american public they would not do. they have kicked the deficit debt down the road. >> all right. thank you very much for that perspective, larry gerston, our political analyst. of course we will have more on this agreement to raise the debt ceiling coming up throughout this newscast. and again tonight at 11:00 and any vote, of course, that happens iert today or tomorrow. changing gears a little bit. one city on the paeeninsula is trying to stop a crime spree. belmont police are meeting with residents to try to come up with a plan to keep them safe. kimberly tere is in belmont with details on that for us. >> reporter: diane, belmont police say the thieves are taking advantage of residents while they're at work. they knock to see if anyone is home. if no one answers, police say that's when the break-ins occur. last week this were seven burglaries or attempted burglaries between 9:00 and 6:00 p.m. in the central section of this quiet peninsula city.
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word of those break-ins spread quickly and a neighborhood watch meeting was organized. like you said it's happening right now. residents are meeting with police and city leaders to discuss ways to stop the crime spree. >> it definitely leaves your nerves a little raw. we're locking the doors and paying much more attention when we leave, even for short periods of time that windows aren't open and the garage door is down and all of those things. >> the thieves are making away with jewelry and electronics, according to police. they say they have two persons of interest in this case. the first is described as a white man between 25 and 30 years old with a thin build and blond hair. the second is described as a black man between 20 and 30 years old with a medium build, possibly driving a gray bmw sedan. belmont police are encouraging residents to consider an alarm system and of course to report anything suspicious. live in belmont, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. coming up next at 6:00, the
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community gathering today to remember the palo alto family killed while on vacation in canada. we'll take you there. plus waiting for a verdict. the berkeley students held captive in iran had their final day in court. why their lawyer says even if they are found guilty, he is staying optimistic. plus a look outside. we're going to haad.oust satll .
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a memorial was held today for the palo alto family killed in a crash in canada. hundreds of people gathered at an elementary school in palo alto to remember 48-year-old robert howard, his wife and their two young daughters, samantha and veronica. of the family was killed on july 2nd when a tractor-trailer crashed into their camper van head-on causing the vehicles to
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catch fire. the community continues to grieve over the loss. >> our time together today is our modest human attempt at saying there's no right or wrong way to grieve. love never dies. >> the youngest daughter, veronica, attended the school where the memorial was held. she was in fourth grade and her sister, samantha, was in seventh grade. waiting to hear their fate. two uc berkeley students will likely find out this week whether they're guilty of spying in iran. josh fattal and shane bauer had their final day in court this morning. the two along with sarah shourd were arrested two years ago today when they allegedly crossed the iraqi border into iran. they argued they were hiking, not spying. the lawyer for the uc berkeley grads hopes if the court finds his clients guilty they will be sentenced to time already served and released. again, they should find out their fate sometime this coming week.
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san francisco mayor ed lee is still mum on whether he will run for mayor in the next election. when lee was appointed back in january to finish out gavin newsom's term, you might remember lee said when it was over he wanted to return to his job as city administrator and not run for mayor again. fast forward f eight months and it seems lee might just be changing his mind. kris sanchez received some insight from larry gerston. >> san francisco politics always a fun story to watch. now will interim mayor ed lee run or will he not? larry gerston has the answer. he said he didn't want the job full-time when he took the interim position when gavin newsom went to sacramento. what are the perks for him if he decides to run now? >> well, you know, he may be the man of the moment. that may sound rather dramatic, but san francisco is looking for a mayor, of course several members of the board of supervisors have indicated interest, said they're running. a couple of others are running as well. but out of this has come the
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least likely candidate, kind of like a redo of dianne feinstein many years ago when she found herself thrust into the mayor's position after the assassination of george muscone. it was the last thing she was thinking about. it was the last thing ed lee was thinging about at least initially. for weeks, months really he said, no, i'm not going to do this. but there has been this rather ongoing, dramatic call for him to come because he's not a politician. i think you can say that about ed lee, he is not a politician. >> and there have been grassroots campaigns. we're talking about run, ed, run. is that enough pressure to make someone who's not a politician want to become a politician? >> well, it may be. it takes an extraordinary set of circumstances both in terms of the events that surround this person, but also people looking at all the others running, which is not to cast any aspersions on anybody else, but the sense is, the sense is from a lot of folks that maybe this is the guy we
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need right now in san francisco because everything else is just such a mess. i have no idea whether that will carry, but there certainly seems to be a tremendous amount of support for this kind of thing. he has some things to worry about if he runs. it's one thing to be this administrator turned accidental mayor on a temporary basis with no real pressure, no real criticism. it's another thing to sort of see yourself thrust into the political limelight as the candidate, because now people are going to look at him in a different way, at least some. well, what does he have going? what promises has he made? what promises has he kept? what can he do for the city? he has pretty good credibility given what's happened with the san francisco city budget, the way he put that together with the board, but still that's a leap away from was this something he conspired to do? is this something that was going on all along? i don't really think so but there will be enough people looking at this candidate very, very carefully now in way that say we haven't seen before. and we'll see whether he can
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sustain it and whether he wants to move forward. >> all right, we'll have to watch and see if ed runs. okay, there are nine declared candidates in san francisco's mayor race right now. the filing deadline to run for mayor is august 12th. and still ahead at 6:00, a mountain lion sighting perhaps at a bay area golf course. we'll show you where. plus, we are getting a better picture this evening of what the flight 93 memorial in pennsylvania might just look like, and we'll take a look at the new donation to the sight. plus taking flight, f-16 fighter jets roaring over travis air force base this weekend, and our own bob redell right there in the cockpit. >> let's see if bob holds on to things there. looking at live pictures downtown san francisco towards alcatr alcatraz. low clouds didn't give us much of a break today. r a warm-up? forecast details just ahead. it's really delicious, mom.
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good sunday evening to you. i'm meteorologist nick o'kelly. we are watching some thunderstorm activity this morning we thought might make it into the bay area. that did not happen. what we saw instead was a lot of low cloudiness this morning. it took forever for burn off and temperatures really suffered. way below the average for a lot of us today, just getting into the low to mid-70s around santa rosa. normally you'd be in the low to mid-80s. 77 in concord. normally you'd be up to 87 degrees. 79 for a high in san jose. 66 in san francisco. that worked out pretty well for the san francisco marathon. in terms of what's ahead, we had been watching that monsoon moisture, big thunderstorms across the southland lifting
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northward. in fact you may have felt a little bit of extra humidity in the atmosphere, but we didn't have enough instability to kick off those thundershowers around here, which was actually a pretty good thing because the hills are dry and fire danger would be an issue. thought goi not going to be looking at any thunderstorms going forward. the i think temperatures will remain a little below the average. the reason is this stubborn little trough of low pressure sitting offshore. normally this time of year we'd have a nice, fat ridge stationed right about where that low is, but this isn't going anywhere. all week long we'll look for strong onshore marine layer and so temperatures below average all week long. lows tonight will be mainly in the 50s to about 60 degrees. maybe a little mist or drizzle during tomorrow morning's commute. readings should rebound a little
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bit tomorrow, but right near the bay from palo alto toward the ocean it's going to be a cooler than average day for us. 73 in san mateo, 75 redwood city, 83 concord, and kentfield looking at mid-70s, san rafael 75 degrees. how about that extended forecast? well, i had to look for some nuances. there isn't going to be much change this week. temperatures may bump up a few degrees tomorrow and tuesday and then step back by the middle part of this week. for thursday a slight cooldown. as i was mentioning in the last hour, just getting a look at the extended computer models, you know we don't put a whole bunch of faith in these, but over the next two months, all the models are saying continued below average temperatures as we finish off summer. well, east of the rockies, the eastern half of the u.s. continues to cook. but for us around here, you know, there really isn't a whole lot to complain b i think we dodged a bullet with those thunderstorms today.
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that could have been kind of messy. >> no complaining. thank you, nick. so it was nearly a decade ago that 40 passengers and crew on united flight 93 died on september 11th when their plane crashed in a field in pennsylvania. today trees were planted at the sight in memory of the dead. patrick white's cousin died on that flight. he traveled from florida to witness the ceremony. >> for the first time, represent in a physical way the identities ifcc1: you will, of all of those who perished. >> trees were placed at the entrance of the memorial walk symbolizing the connection between the pentagon, ground zero and flight 93 site. the trees were originally supposed to be planted in new york at the world trade center memorial, but after a landscape design change, they were donated to the flight 93 national memorial. there will, of course, be a large ceremony at that site on september 11th of this year, marking the ten-year anniversary of the attacks. changing gears a bit, there was an unexpected guest at a golf course on the peninsula
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this morning, a possible mountain lion. the big cat was reported early this morning walking across crystal springs golf course in burlingame just west of skyline boulevard. wildlife officials say you should never run from a g mountn lion, even though that sort of seems like the logical thing to do. you should face it, make lots of noise and try to appear bigger by waving your arms or, you know, just fall over because you're in a panic. when you're trying to quench that need for speed, we head to the nearest roller coaster perhaps for some of us or maybe past the legal limit on 101. i don't know. or the legal limit. but not our own bob redell. there he is right there, zipping up to 9,000 feet in an f-16 fighter jet over travis air force base. rest assured he was in the back seat, nowhere near in control of that aircraft. the people in control, some of the military's best, the united states air force thunderbirds. they performed yesterday and hit the sky again today at the solano air power expo near fairfield.
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>> the more people that get out to, the more we can say thank you for their support. we couldn't do it without them. that's why we want to come out and shake their hands. >> are you ready to do this? i'm ready. >> we're going to hear more from captain hubbard and find out whether bob tossed his cookies. i don't know if that's appropriate, after pulling 9 gs in the back seat of the captain's f-16. bob will have a full report tuesday morning on "today in the bay." hope he made it. a final farewell after more than three decades of providing lots of fun to bay area families. cal skate gets ready to close its doors for good. we'll show you why.
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in milpitas tonight a family destination is closing to make way for new development. cal skate is holding its final farewell skate right now. lots of folks out there. the family-owned business opened back in 1977 and many families
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came out today for one last skate. the owners say their decision was a combination of changing culture and the overwhelming demands to sacrifice their personal lives for their business and other reasons, i suppose, along the way as well. let's check in with jim from comcast sportsnet to check out sports going on. not so good for the giants, i'm thinking, jim? >> reporter: only, i know for the giants. we'll let you know what's going on. giants trying to avoid being swept in cincinnati. plus it seemed like the green and gold were ready to deal rich harden yesterday but it fell through at the last minute. so which hurler did the ? the answer comlo tinodg ? the answer cominup.g cc1:
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and good evening, everyone, i'm jim kozimor. sunday was the trade deadline day in major league baseball and after a productive day for the giants off the field, they were looking for some production on the field. in cincinnati they didn't want to get swept. giants in cincy trying to avoid that sweep. orlando cabrera feeling good in the orange and black, but the reds first wasn't feeling good for the g-men. joe y votto singles. ramon hernandez at the plate and a hard shot up the middle. that's cabrera, flashed the leather. he throws out hernandez, nice play. bottom of the fourth 3-0 reds. todd frazier, his first big fly major league career puts the reds up 4-0 and those river city crazies got the brooms out. p bottom of the seventh, a three-run home run.
6:27 pm
8-0 reds. so let's get to the top of the inth and johnny cueto, he'scc1: going for the complete game and gets it. reds win 9-0.cc1: with the loss giants now just two games up on arizona in the west. the giants open their longest home stand of the season on monday when they host arizona. the diamondbacks in second in the west and they'll have another arm in the bullpen. the a's traded today right-hander brad ziegler. while ziegler immediately gets thrown into the playoff race, that doesn't make being dealt any easier. >> it's tough to leave here. i've been with the a's since 2004, so it's all i've really known in pro ball other than the short stint with the phillies. but i'm excited, you know, i've jumped into a pennant race knowing they gave up a couple of guys that the a's are really high on that i know the d-backs are high on too. so i feel like i'm going into a situation where they appear to want me, they appear to think that i'm a piece to help them
6:28 pm
get over the top and hopefully get a playoff run here the last two months. and then the a's had a game today taking on the twins. final game of the home stand, trying to get a win. bottom of the third, game tied at three until ryan sweeney with a ridge shot up the third baseline. one run in, then here comes conner jackson. he scores. sweeney to third and the a's up 5-3. next hitter, cliff pennington trying to stretch the hitting streech to 15 games. he does with a bloop to right. it's 6-3 athletics. andrew bailey on for the close gets michael cuddyer. a's win 7-3. they win five of seven and ten of six since the all-star break. one final note from raiders camp. jacoby ford broke his hand in practice and is expected to miss the next two weeks. frank gore will be at niners camp starting on monday. look at that, breaking news as
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we get to you. how about that. >> thanks, jim. thanks for choosing the bay area at news. we will have more on the debt ceiling agreement at 11:00. until then, have a good night. >> night. our call last week to bring the death penalty to a vote produced earnest reactions. after witnessing two executions, dave said he favors life in prison without parole. it makes more sense and is rles of a burden on taxpayers. joan expanded on economics. it's all about return on investment. either way, these people die in prison. getting rid of the death penalty means a huge savings we could use to actually prevent new crimes and close old ones. but steve argued it's the lengthy appeals that cost so much. we should change california's law to mirror that of texas,


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